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By talking about sex trafficking and drug abuse we break down stigmas, raise community awareness, provide education for prevention, offer hope to victims, and encourage survivors to become thrivers.

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Hiding in Plain Sight, Human Trafficking 101
What do you think of when you hear the words “sex trafficking”? Is it a scene from Taken or Pretty Woman? Do you see the victim as someone on the street corner, being kidnapped, or chained in a basement? Unfortunately, that is not the reality in the majority of cases in the United States. This topic covers what human trafficking and sexual exploitation looks like in your community and how you can advocate in the fight to end sex trafficking. The training can be tailored to students, educators, parents, professionals, community awareness events, and more.

Addiction & Sex Trafficking -A Personal Story of Recovery
​​Emmy, survivor, leader and founder of Lacey’s Hope Project, will walk the audience through her personal story. This informative session is her journey from childhood to recovery. The audience will also gain insight to a variety of resources, including how to prevent the complexities of trafficking and addiction in your own community. This topic is ideal for medical professionals, first responders, student advocates, college leaders, and those who want to get involved with the restoration process of survivors.

Training for Medical Professionals, First Responders, and Mental Health Professionals
In this session, attendees will gain information on research from psychology and law enforcement, global and local statistics and tips to identify if trafficking has taken place by exploring federal definitions. We’ll also help to develop a protocol response for what to do if you suspect exploitation.